[Photo Credit: www.TopShelfClothes.com]

Don’t you wish you had a stylist who knew the ins and outs of your closet and could scour every online shopping site to find the best pieces for your wardrobe?

Stylists aren’t just for A-listers! TopShelf makes styling accessible to all of us by utilizing a team of professional online style experts.

TopShelf learns about your personal style through a Pandora-like system, uncovering your entire shopping history, and then suggesting new pieces to buy. TopShelf searches online sites that match your taste and general sense of style, and then gives you 5 great looks you can buy immediately.

The site is like having your own team of seasoned fashion school graduates, who know your style and budget, and who help save you time by scouring online retailers for you. CLICK below now to explore this newly launched, ingenious virtual styling site!