[Photo Credit: www.Threadflip.com]

THREADFLIP.COM is our SOCIAL CLICKS Collaborator for the month of May! Inspired by a wife who had a bit of a closet issue, Silicon Valley-based engineer, Manik Singh, founded Threadflip.com as a social marketplace for users to discover, buy and sell clothes and accessories. Here’s how it works: your items are showcased via high-resolution photos, which can come from Facebook albums or from Instagram streams. Once your item sells, Threadflip coordinates the shipping for you. For those of you who would like a bit of assistance, Threadflip offers a “White Glove” concierge service that allows its members to have their items assessed, posted, sold and shipped. You send in the fashion, and Threadflip takes care of the rest! Of course, if you are in the market for something for yourself, Threadflip is also a great digital destination to buy affordable, gently used items. The entire social shopping experience could not be simpler. Stay tuned for updates on Threadflip’s mobile app, which will launch in 2-3 weeks. CLICK now and discover what you flip for!