[Photo Credit: Tavi Gevinson (By: Michael Schulman) via www.NYTimes.com]

The New York Times tells the fascinating story of Tavi Gevinson, a fashion blogger turned online sensation. Tavi launched her blog at the tender age of eleven and now, at sixteen, she is running her very own digital magazine for teenage girls called Rookie. Ms. Gevinson has quite the loyal following. According to NYTimes.com, “…within six days of its start Rookie broke one million page views.” We think it’s safe to say that Tavi Gevinson is no longer a rookie! This summer, in order to further connect and engage with her audience, Gevinson embarked on the inaugural Rookie Road Trip, a 16-city national tour. CLICK below to read the intriguing article, Tavi Gevinson – The Oracle of Girl World, featured on NYTimes.com!

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