[Photo Credit: www.Soxfords.com]

Get acquainted with the cleverly themed designs from Soxfords (one of our favorite men’s dress sock companies)! Soxfords was born out of a frustrated attempt to find a pair of fish-themed socks for a Father’s Day gift. After a determined search turned up nothing but novelty patterns of clown-fish, the company’s founder, Ryan Kent, realized why all of his dress socks had been so plain: quality dress socks with fun but subtle themes were few and far between! Asking himself why casual socks got to have all the fun, Ryan set out to launch a great company, focused on making fashion out of fun. Soxfords has been his obsession ever since.

Soxfords’ dress socks hopes to bring something unique to an age-worn standard, “business casual,” with themes such as attacking Space Invaders, relaxing palm trees, wayward astronauts and hungry lobsters. Sometimes it’s the little things that get us through the day, and fun socks are a great way to stay an individual when confronted with conformity. Soxfords add that personal touch, and help you to be “outstanding, without standing out.” Throughout the month of July, we will bring you an exclusive peek into what makes Soxfords tick, so be sure to stay tuned!