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Curated + Contributed by: Reah Norman, Style for Hire – Stylist

As a plus size woman and fashion stylist specializing in the plus size industry, my fashion and style world greatly revolves around shopping, researching and networking online. I am always preparing for upcoming shoots by gathering information for clients through doing internet research. This includes getting lost on the web in sites that provide me with endless amounts of fashion inspiration, which ultimately allows me to create the styling magic I infuse into the plus size fashion editorials I style.

A typical day of clicking for me usually starts early in the morning as I sip my first cup of coffee and browse onto Refinery 29. Next, I keep myself in the loop with all of the latest plus size fashion and industry news, reading PLUS Model Magazine’s current issue and blog, as well as VOGUE Curvy. When I am preparing specifically for an editorial shoot, I love to get lost in the pages of Fashion Gone Rogue, Trend Hunter and Fashionising for concepts and style inspiration.

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