[Photo Credits: www.Quiksilver.com.]

Designed for young women with a coastal mindset and an independent spirit, Quiksilver‘s line for women is built on an understated aesthetic with its primary focus on fabrics, fits and finishes. This is a tightly knit offering of “modern coastal classics with a twist;” items that belong to Quiksilver’s coastal heritage, but are always fresh and modern.

Quiksilver’s flagship store has been carefully curated under the guidance of retail guru, Chris Gentile, and the result is a visually intriguing and engaging shopping experience set in Quiksilver’s favorite California beach city, Malibu. Their vibe is captured through coastal curations, reclaimed materials, vintage finds and nontraditional, organic displays. In addition, sitting next to Quiksilver’s assortment is a hand picked selection of carefully considered and curated product from other brands that they love.

Both the Quiksilver and QSW lines sit side by side in this retail environment. The Quiksilver line is built with a 20 year old girl in mind, and the QSW line reaches into a young woman’s early 30’s, but both lines are built on a lifestyle of coastal appreciation and casual effortlessness that all women can enjoy.

Quiksilver is thrilled to be a part of The Malibu Lumberyard community, and they invite you to visit and explore their store this Sunday, August 19th, when they will be giving 10% off purchases made with a MomAngeles Mommy Card, and 50% of all card sales will benefit PHASE ONE!

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