Panache Box

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PanacheBox is a service that makes your stylish life effortless. More specifically, PanacheBox simplifies the lives of busy parents by partnering with great designers, hand-selecting stylish children’s clothing and delivering them right to your doorstep!

The company’s stylists source children’s clothing from around the world, including destinations such as Mexico, India and Denmark. In every PanacheBox, clients receive a minimum of 10 brand new clothing and accessory items that average a retail value of $400+. Site visitors can also build a Box themselves by using an easy and unique four-step process, or by having a stylist build a surprise Box on their behalf. PanacheBox focuses on dressing kids in quality clothing that is easy to mix and match, as well as being simple, comfortable and chic.

We are thrilled to announce that PanacheBox is our January SHOP to CLICK collaborator! Stay tuned throughout the month as we deliver an inside look into the world of this fabulous resource for both parents and kids, and CLICK now to watch an incredibly cute video featuring PanacheBox!