Moxie Malibu

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The Internet is content rich, and filled with numerous notable fashion blogs. Ever wonder where to buy the coveted looks featured by these trend-setting bloggers? If you’re tired of having to scour big brand retailers’ sites to find that one gem for less than $100, then we have just the digital destination for you! The idea of an e-boutique that caters to sophisticated fashionistas is the driving force behind Moxie Malibu.

Moxie Malibu’s talented Co-Founders, Angela Rexroad and Jennifer Knopf, strongly believe that it’s often easy to look good when draped, head to toe, in luxury designer brands, but that it takes real style to put together a stylish look by mixing inexpensive pieces. Curated with the modern woman in mind, each of Moxie Malibu’s pieces is styled in a complete look, which sometimes features items that the every day woman may already have in her closet. We are thrilled to announce that Moxie Malibu is this month’s SHOP + CLICK collaborator. Stay tuned throughout March as we take you inside Moxie Malibu’s chic and affordable e-commerce-based world!