Little Bean Sprout

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Little Bean Sprout is an environmentally sustainable online children’s apparel boutique and new retail concept, looking to disrupt the buy-outgrow-toss cycle of kids’ clothes. Customers who purchase from the site can buy brand new “current season” items and gently used items from previous seasons, and when their children have outgrown the apparel, they can sell the garments back for 5% cash or 15% store credit. If the garments do not meet Little Bean Sprout’s quality control for resale, Little Bean Sprout assesses whether items are still useable for donation and, if not, works with textile recyclers to ensure garments do not meet a fate in the landfill. Customers enjoy eco-friendly collections as well as finely made clothing intended to last, use after use.

We are thrilled to announce that Little Bean Sprout is our December SHOP to CLICK collaborator. Stay tuned throughout the month as we spotlight our favorite Little Bean Sprout finds!