Photo Credit: www.LeoBella.net

LeoBella is a global company specializing in meticulously hand-crafted handbags and accessories, and focused on quality and individuality. The 2014 LeoBella handbag and accessory line’s main mission is to start a global unity movement through fashion with each of its bags, all of which are created to fit their buyer, and represent global unity and peace.

Neither too small nor too big, this new line displays what true elegance is. And, 10% of LeoBella’s net profits will always be donated to the World Orphanage foundation, for as long as LeoBella is in existence! Clients control which orphanage their donation goes to by going to www.worldorphanage.org and simply selecting the orphanage of their choice. Elegant, customized and embellished in Swarovski crystals, LeoBella’s handbags are designed and created to represent the company’s mission.

We are proud to announce that LeoBella is our Designer to Click collaborator for the month of January! Stay tuned as we deliver an exclusive look into the bright and beautiful world of LeoBella!