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The Blonde; The Blonde & The Brunette®

Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the lovely and talented Blonde of The Blonde & The Brunette®!


Kathryn Lebowitz is a Los Angeles native and graduate of the University of Michigan. She is the Co-Founder of WALDORF + LEBOWITZ + MINER Advisors (WLM Advisors), specializing in art consulting and design for private and corporate clients. An artist in her own right, Kathryn specializes in figure and life drawing, oil painting and printmaking. She is an active member of the LAXART Curator’s Council, as well as a board member of the non-profit organization, Piece by Piece. Kathryn contributes a creative spirit with a passion for art and a discerning eye for fashion and design. She considers herself a product junkie and make-up guru who believes in enhancing natural beauty — with a few tricks, products and professionals! Her trend-setting fashion style encompasses a bohemian chic look with a sexy twist. And, yes, Kathryn is well known in LA as a fabulous beach blonde.



FACT: My entire bathroom and shower are covered with beauty products. My boyfriend has diagnosed me as having a “beauty product problem.”
FACT: I am really into athletics and go through different sports phases. Right now, I’m really into biking, hiking and paddle tennis.
FACT: I think that my toy poodle is the most perfect and beautiful child that I could ever have. She is quite the talented tomboy poodle; she hikes miles with me, climbs rocky waterfalls and floats on rafts in the pool.
FACT: I have weird double-jointed shoulders.


W2C: What inspires you about The Blonde & the Brunette®?
KL: I am truly doing what I love; researching and sharing my love of fashion and beauty. I am around beautiful things all day, and I get to enjoy them with our loyal readers. I also get to be around interesting and creative people who are driving trends and influencing fashion and beauty culture.

W2C: What Summer 2012 fashion item are you coveting?
KL: An Alaïa dress and laser cut belt! I had to go for a big ticket item that is super feminine and beautiful on a woman’s body. I’ll take any color! Or, this McQueen crystal-embellished clutch.

W2C: What is your favorite fashion web-based start-up company and why?
KL: StyleSaint – On StyleSaint.com, you get to create high fashion lookbooks with exquisite photographs and inspirations, and then you get to share them. It can be compared to a sophisticated Pinterest for high fashion. I can live out my dream of having Anna Wintour’s job.

W2C: Who is your favorite style icon and why?
KL: Gwyneth Paltrow, because she is the ultimate laid back glamour girl. She mixes edgy, boho and structural looks brilliantly. Her website, which we all know and love, Goop.com, is a testament to her amazing taste in all things fashion, beauty, home, food and more. I feel that women should support each other, which means disclosing some of our secrets. She does just that on an amazing platform.


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