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Gumball is a destination site where everyone has the chance to win their fashion wish list! Do you spend countless hours “window shopping” on the web, in magazines and in stores, wishing you could own everything you fell in love with? Tired of wishing, Gumball decided to do something about it! They reached out to top brands to host giveaways for those absolute must-have pieces. They talked to thousands of people, and found out that EVERYONE LOVES FREE STUFF! So, they decided to partner with the top brands to help them feature their newest items. They get to see what’s trending, and you get the opportunity to win. Gumball also invites their readers to shop similar styles to their giveaway, read about style inspiration from their favorite celebrities and bloggers and provide them with your feedback with comment sections through their social media channels. Gumball has a team with extensive fashion backgrounds, devoted to finding what you want. They have their ear to the ground on the latest trends, timeless classics and fun pieces everyone needs, and they make sure that they are picking the perfect prize by consulting with you, fashion savvy individuals. Gumball’s amazing brand advocates are stylish, smart and always make the final decision on what is being given away.

The name, Gumball, came from never knowing what lucky color would come out of the Gumball machine. Hopefully, you’re lucky, and it’ll be you! So, stay tuned throughout the month for the latest giveaways from your favorite bloggers and brands, and an exclusive peek into what makes Gumball tick.