[Photo Credits: www.FashionMetric.com]

Introducing our May SHOP + CLICK collaborator, Fashion Metric!

(Curated by Fashion Metric)

Fashion Metric is a Los Angeles-based fashion technology startup that is gearing up to disrupt the fashion space in a major way. Only 7% of people buy clothing online, and fit is one of the main reasons that online clothing retail has lagged behind just about every consumer good on the planet.

The fit problem is hard to solve, and Fashion Metric is starting with a small segment with a big problem: men and dress shirts. After talking to hundreds of men, they found that fit was not only a big problem, it was their biggest problem when it came to buying clothes. Next, Fashion Metric looked at what clothes men were having the biggest problem with when it came to fit, and the resounding answer was, dress shirts!

Because men don’t like to shop for clothes, in order to solve this problem, Fashion Metric would have to create an incredibly easy and painless process: no measuring tapes, no twenty questions and no boring shirts, which will spend their life sitting in your closet. Well, they have certainly figured it out! Fashion Metric is going to change the way you buy clothes online, and help you look damn good while they’re at it!

Throughout the month, we will connect you to the best that Fashion Metric has to offer. So, stay tuned for an insider’s look into this e-tail site, which is truly the “Pandora of menswear!”