Carbon & Hyde

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Carbon & Hyde was founded in early 2013 by Yarden and Oren Katz–third generation jewelers, sisters and true artists at heart. Carbon (the core atomic foundation of diamonds) & Hyde (the sisters’ imaginary world of leather) is a true testament to the sisters’ passion for fashion, accessories, leather and everything jewelry!

Yarden and Oren grew up in a home of jewelry manufacturers. Their grandfather started the business over 50 years ago selling diamonds, and their father turned that business into a manufacturing house in Los Angeles. The sisters wanted to “…evolve the business from a manufacturing house into a brand that people can love and connect with.” And, that is precisely what they did! They began sketching a collection of fine jewelry that had pieces that everyone could relate to–versatile items for every occasion, edgy pieces, classic and sophisticated staples and some things with a modern and refined feel. Today, they have an incredible, show-stopping jewelry line (all manufactured in Los Angeles and hand crafted from gold, diamonds and rare antiqued silver pieces), with something for every mood and outfit.

Throughout the month of December, we will feature some of our favorite picks from this incredibly talented jewelry designing duo, and we will also bring you an exclusive interview with the women that started it all. You won’t want to miss what Carbon & Hyde has to offer!