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Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the clever creator of the LA-based blog, MODPOP-LA!


“I started blogging about my sketches and constructed apparel designs 3 years ago, while in high school. At the time, I never imagined blogging as a stylist with weekly outfit posts and partnering with brands. Back then, I didn’t have the courage to get in front of the camera. I am so grateful for MODPOP-LA because it has given me the guts to love who I am no matter what size, how pretty or how quirky. I hope to encourage and inspire all of my readers with this philosophy.” – Stephanie Green


FACT: I am an extreme dog lover. Although I prefer big dogs, I will kiss, squeeze and love any pooch handed to me.
FACT: Before my love of fashion unraveled, I was gearing up to study electrical engineering. I was the captain of my high school’s robotics team!
FACT: I discovered my passion for fashion by making my homecoming dress out of newspaper and packing tape! It never ripped during the dance!


W2C: When was your first fashion “moment” or memory?
SG: My first fashion moment was in robotics during the haunted house season. As captain, I had no time to go out and buy a dress for the homecoming (all the stores were closed by the time I got out of there anyway). Then, I came across this huge pile of newspaper we were going to use for a prop. Since I was stuck in that room, I decided to drape the newspaper around my body and secure it with packing tape. I created the bustier first, and then the multi-layered pleated skirt. I punched holes in the back for a lace tie up. Every girl needs a clutch, so I made that out of newspaper, too. Even my date had a newspaper tie. Yea, I went all out.

W2C: What gives you inspiration?
SG: My inspiration comes from everyday life occurrences. It can be my mood, what I see outside of the metro window or from other blogs and designers.

W2C: If you could be a shoe, would you be a wedge, stiletto, ballet flat or sneaker?
SG: If I could be a shoe, I would be a sneaker disguised as a heel. My feet wouldn’t be elevated, it would just look like that from the outside. That way, I could pull off a hot trendy look while still able to run a mile in no time.

W2C: Tell us about your first blog post, and about your favorite blog post?
SG: My very first blog post on MODPOP-LA, “2012 loves 1970,” was of a few scanned pictures from a vintage 70′s magazine (no longer in existence) that a neighbor gave to me. The photography was so unique and capturing, I had to post about it. My favorite blog posts are the style posts. Each week gets better and edgier. Model and self photography practice is paying off!

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration you have been a part of?
SG: The most exciting collaboration I have been a part of is being a member of Two Point Oh! LA. They have single handedly given me so many opportunities, as well as introduced me to a new family of sorts–an incredible blogging community. I can’t thank them enough!



REFINERY 29 - This site has all the latest dish in the fashion and entertainment industries. They have it set up in a way that attracts readers, and it is fun to read their articles (it’s not like reading a text book)!


TWO POINT OH! LA – This community is filled with fashion bloggers. I often ask them for their opinions and advice when it comes to blogging. They are a fashion loving family!
MARGO AND ME – Jenny’s style is flawless every time. I love how she has a wide variety of style. I love modern sophistication, but I, too, try to include a wide variety of posts.


HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 – I absolutely adore Nicole Richie’s accessory line. If I could own every single design, I would totally attack that opportunity. The collections are always so modern and well thought out.
YVES SAINT LAURENT – From the inception of Yves, every collection has proven to be modern and ahead of its time. As a modern sophisticated gal, I look to all the collections for the “latest.”
CÉLINE – They, too, have unique, modern yet wearable looks.


TOPSHOP.COM – For fast-fashion, they have the greatest looking clothing at affordable price points. They are high quality, and the pieces last forever! I am so happy they’re finally in LA! (splurge shopping spree?)
EBAY FASHION – I rarely buy anything in the store. I’m a full time college student who needs to stick to a budget (most of the time…wink wink). So, I get the best deals on Ebay.
ROSS.COM – I can’t tell you how much I love shopping at Ross! I think this store is a close second to my thrift shopping obsession. I can easily find clothes for any occasion, and relate them to the latest runway looks.



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