Rony Tennenbaum

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Rony Tennenbaum

Designer, Rony Tennenbaum

Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the talent behind Rony Tennenbaum Jewelry!


Jewelry designer, Rony Tennenbaum, has been revolutionizing the bridal jewelry industry, with 25 years of experience creating engagement, wedding and anniversary rings for same-sex couples.

Rony Tennenbaum’s unique pieces are created with fashion in mind, and are driven by classic, timeless features. By using EcoGold in most of his creations, he also guarantees that no toxins or waste materials are dumped into the environment. In addition, his strong belief in bringing much-needed jobs back to the U.S. motivates Rony to ensure that most of his jewelry is locally made.


FACT: I love the fast pace of living and working in the great city of New York.
FACT: I also love getting away on weekends to the mountains where I enjoy relaxing, gardening, hiking, biking, kayaking and, most of all, birdwatching!


W2C: Where do you derive your creative inspiration from?
RT: I am very much inspired by the essence of love and by beautiful things. To me, love is a truly beautiful thing. Several years ago, I remember Googling the words “gay” and “jewelry,” and all I would get were gaudy rings with rainbows and triangles. Though these are, undoubtedly, important symbols to the LGBT community, I don’t know any of my friends who would want to wear a rainbow ring as a symbol of their love. I decided to design and create truly elegant and classic pieces that would symbolize a couple’s love and journey together.

W2C: What is the most interesting place you have traveled to for work?
RT: I have traveled all over the world, through Europe, India, Central America and Canada, and I am always inspired by different cultures and ways of life. However, I must confess that the most interesting place for me is still New York City–it is such a melting pot of cultures and is full of variety!

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration that you have been a part of?
RT: Though I love designing and creating couples’ engagement and wedding rings because they are symbolic of their love, I have been working on a project that is very close to my heart, called “LVOE Life.” The project is geared towards bringing awareness to LGBT Teenage Bullying. My trademark collection, “LVOE,” is meant to express the concept that “Love is Love, No Matter How you Spell it,” referring, of course, to the idea that Love is Love no matter who the two people are. The “LVOE Life” project stems from the same theory–that “No Matter How You Live it, Love Your Life.”

W2C: What essential qualities does your brand’s image represent?
RT: There is no question that my brand represents love, diversity, acceptance and tolerance. Those are essential for a healthy lifestyle of any kind. I always strive to live up to the high standard of being an integral part of a couple’s sentimental journey. I love that my rings are symbols of their love, and that they will want to wear my pieces and cherish them for their lifetime together.

I am also environmentally friendly. Most my gold jewelry is made of what I call “ECOGOLD” (meaning, it’s made from 100% recycled gold, and not adding new waste and toxins into the environment). I love the fact that this choice also empowers the wearers of my pieces to have a role in saving the environment.

W2C: When did you realize that you had developed a jewelry line and a brand that resonated with what the market wanted?
RT: Actually, it happened the other way around. After 20 years of working in the jewelry industry behind the scenes (manufacturing, polishing, setting, sourcing diamonds, designing and marketing for other companies), I decided, 5 years ago, that it was time to set out on my own. The market I wanted to design for and reach out to was not a question for me; it had no one catering to it and it was my own community…the LGBT market. I believe the community, the trend of states starting to legalize same sex marriages and the lack of other options is what, in the end, lead me to focus my brand toward this market.

W2C: What has been the most rewarding aspect(s) of creating your company?
RT: I say this all the time: the greatest joy I get from what I do is meeting, hearing and helping couples through their choices when it comes to selecting something that is so sentimental and personal to each and every one of them. As I mentioned, to me, rings are an incredibly powerful symbol of love. They are what a couple chooses to give to one another when they exchange their vows. Their rings represent love and loyalty, and a devotion to a lifetime together. For me, to be a part of that experience (whether it be to help a couple make the right choices for themselves, or simply to have a couple wear a pair of rings I designed) gives me indescribable satisfaction.

W2C: What exciting projects are on the horizon for Rony Tennenbaum?
RT: I have to say that the best part of my work is inventing ways to outdo my previous concepts and what is currently available in the marketplace. I love unconventional, out of the box thinking. I am always cooking up something fascinating to look forward to!! I have several amazing collections in the pipeline; truly revolutionary thinking in terms of engagement and wedding ring designs. I am also planning to branch out beyond “wedding” jewelry. Definitely keep an eye out for me. You never know where I may pop up!


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