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Founder & Owner, SwedArt

Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the Swedish talent behind SwedArt!


Margareta Lidskog is the founder of SwedArt. She was born in Sweden, and has lived in Switzerland, Canada and the USA. She has spent the last 15 years promoting Swedish artisans from Lapland, Sweden, and is an honorary ambassador of a town in Lapland. Margareta started SwedArt in 2005 with online and direct sales, and launched her own designs beginning in 2006.


FACT: I have a very adventurous spirit.
FACT: I have bungee jumped from 8,000 ft. in Squaw Valley.
FACT: I’ve hiked Machu Pichu in Peru with my son.
FACT: I’ve had dinner on The Great Wall of China under a full moon.
FACT: I’ve ridden a camel in the Tunisian Desert.
FACT: I’ve enjoyed a drink in an ice glass at the famous IceHotel Absolut Vodka Bar above the Arctic Circle in Sweden.


W2C: Where is most interesting place you have traveled to for work?
ML: The Jokkmokk Winter Market. It is an indigenous Sami 407 year old festival above the Arctic Circle, held in February every year. It was -27F last time I was there!!!

W2C: What are your favorite boutiques/ brands in Sweden?
ML: Biblioteksgatan is the hottest shopping street in Stockholm, and NK is Sweden’s equivalent to Barneys. The gorgeous By Malene Birger is a top Danish brand worn by European royalty and fashion forward celebrities. I also love Filippa K, Tiger of Sweden, H&M, Anna Holtblad, J Lindeberg, Bjorn Borg and Polarn O. Pyret.

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration that you have been a part of?
ML: I loved custom designing wide bracelets for Drea de Matteo on Desperate Housewives to cover her tattoos! It was also so exciting to be invited to gift SwedArt bracelets to celebs and fashion media at the Emmy (2010) and Golden Globe (2013) luxury gift suites.

One of my most rewarding projects was designing and producing unique sterling silver medallions and buttons for a collection sold to support Breast Cancer research.

W2C: What essential qualities does your brand’s image represent?
ML: We represent superb product quality and excellent customer service. We use top quality materials, and constantly strive to launch new and one-of-a-kind designs. I love the uniqueness of having products with an origin in a 10,000 year old indigenous Scandinavian culture!

W2C: How has social media, and the necessity of having a digital presence for SwedArt, impacted your approach to building your brand?
ML: SwedArt’s Facebook Page generates a lot of interest, as does Pinterest. Social media forces me to constantly post interesting and inspiring photos and text.

W2C: Can you please describe the moment you realized you had developed a jewelry line and a brand that clicked with what the market wanted & needed?
ML:I knew that I was on to something when I met Sheryl Crow at a concert and gave her a very cool bracelet that I had custom designed for her. It was wide black reindeer leather cuff with handmade mosaic discs. She put it on, wore it on stage and then emailed me privately and ordered a dozen SwedArt bracelets! She loved it! I was also invited as a designer to sell SwedArt at special events at Bloomingdales in Boston. I knew that I had something unique that the market desired.

W2C: What has been the most rewarding aspect(s) of creating SwedArt?
ML: All the thank-you letters, phone calls and FB messages with personal stories from happy customers in 32 countries! Also, when a husband calls me and says his wedding anniversary is coming up and he knows his wife loves SwedArt, it just makes me melt. He has no idea what size, style or color to get her, but because I have kept notes on thousands of customers, I can always tell a man about his wife’s wrist size, what her color preference is and suggest what would look good with the combo she already owns! Thankful and impressed husbands usually come back year after year, which means we are doing a great job. It has also been incredibly rewarding to develop a close friendship with the small group of skilled Swedish artisans I have collaborated with for many years.

W2C: What does the future have in store for SwedArt?
ML: I am not certain as yet, but I prefer to keep SwedArt an exclusive brand that is not easily found in stores, even though this means that customers have to work a bit harder to find me. I have turned hundreds of store requests down over the years. While I will always keep traditional Sami styles in my collection, I love designing new styles, adding new materials and colors and staying current with fashion trends.


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