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Co-Founder / CEO, Tailored Republic

Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the innovative man behind Tailored Republic!


“I’m the Co-Founder / CEO at Tailored Republic. My background is in building businesses, and I love adventure. The concept of Tailored Republic was conceived during a three month trek through Southeast Asia. I was on a $150 Russian dirtbike traveling up the coast of Vietnam, when I arrived at Hoi An: a town filled with numerous tailor shops. I was sitting down for breakfast one day when I thought, I should get a tailored suit; I can’t afford one in the United States. From there, the idea was born, and we’ve been building Tailored Republic from the ground up ever since.” – Jeff Settle



FACT: I’m a huge fan of space and an avid follower of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.
FACT: When I was younger, I wanted to be Maverick from Top Gun, which eventually led me to buying a motorcycle in Vietnam (which is what spawned Tailored Republic).


W2C: Which menswear suit designers inspire you?
JS: To be honest, I don’t follow many suit designers. A lot of my inspiration comes from different styles I find across the web. I tend to look at personalities — Steve McQueen, James Bond…guys like that. Once I get a feel for what I want, we build out from that feeling.

W2C: Do you change out fabric choices each season?
JS: Yes, we offer specific fabrics for each season. This season, we’re getting ready to show some of our wool / linens, and possibly some cool blue cottons that guys can pair with a fresh white shirt and a tie that pops (like an orange starburst tie).

W2C: How many suits do you own?
JS: I own twelve suits, but I can never get enough! I’m at the point where I have all of the essentials covered, and now I get to experiment with different patterns and colors to really find my own personal style.

W2C: What staple colors should every man have in his closet?
JS: A great question: every man needs to have at least two suits that he can wear to multiple occasions (whether it be a wedding, date night, interview, etc.), and one of those suits is usually a black suit with either a light grey, navy blue or charcoal shirt. Black suits look pretty morose during the day, unless you’re at a particular kind of event, so having a light grey or a navy blue suit really allows you to match the suit to the occasion and to feel more confident in what you’re wearing, which is the ultimate goal of what we do at Tailored Republic.

W2C: What fabrics / colors do you consider to be for play verses business?
JS: When I think of business, I think of navy blues and different shades of grey. A lot of guys wear black for business, but that isn’t really my style. For play, breaking out different light greys and having fun with patterns is really cool. Also, messing around with separates and cool accesories really allows me to change the look of a suit.

W2C: How do you determine what style / cut is best for a particular man?
JS: It depends on the man. I’m a big believer in the idea that a man looks best in what he feels most comfortable wearing. So, for someone who wants to have some room, we tend to allow a little bit more freedom of movement and less of a fitted look. But, for other guys, especially guys who have an athletic frame, the slim tailored look really looks great. It allows them to let their natural shape define the form of the suit, and the look is very dapper.

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration that you have been a part of?
JS: We’re doing a couple of collaborations right now that I’m very excited about. We’re working with Pocket Square Clothing company on a collab, and with Vintage Manifesto. Both companies are based out of Los Angeles, and have some killer style. They also both have the dapper gentleman vibe and, at Tailored Republic, that’s what we’re all about!




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