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Fashion Metric

Morgan & Daina Linton, Co-Founders – Fashion Metric

Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the talented duo behind Fashion Metric!


Fashion Metric is the “Pandora of Menswear,” with a primary focus on dress shirts. Just like Pandora, where users enter their favorite song to find more songs like it, at Fashion Metric, you enter your favorite shirt to find more shirts that fit your body and match your style. We connect men with amazing independent designers from around the globe to enable brand discovery. Our proprietary fit technology takes fit out of the equation so that men can shop based on style, knowing that what they buy will fit just like their favorite brand.



FACT: The Founders of Fashion Metric, Morgan and Daina Linton, are a husband and wife team who quit their day jobs to work on Fashion Metric, full-time.
FACT: They are both obsessed with the fusion of fashion and technology.
FACT: Morgan and Daina both love working outside, and still do so every single day in Marina del Rey.


W2C: Why did you decide to focus on men’s fashion?
FM: Before Daina started the company, she spent time talking with shoppers in stores all over Los Angeles. She was looking for a big, juicy problem in fashion. After talking to hundreds of shoppers, she found that men, in particular, had a big problem: they wanted to shop online, but they didn’t like ultimately trying things on and returning them. They also wanted to discover new brands, but were afraid to try them online because they didn’t know how they would fit. With the problem validated, Daina started Fashion Metric to find the solution.

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration you have been a part of?
FM: We had the chance to be included in an amazing Thrillist campaign as part of a promotion run by our first design partner, Second Button. We helped Second Button expand their reach beyond New York City, and helped process hundreds of shirt orders in a few weeks.

W2C: What are some of your favorite emerging menswear designers?
FM: We are big fans of Second Button. They make amazing shirts, and pay attention to the little details, which is a big deal for us! Coeur, in London, is one of the most unique and passionate labels we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, Coeur’s designer, has infused his personality into the clothes, and he has an incredible dedication to quality. Some of the shirts from Coeur are so unique that we almost want to frame them rather than wear them! We also absolutely love Bonobos. They understand guys and fit, so that makes them pretty darn special in our book.

W2C: What is your favorite fashion accessory?
FM: When it comes to men’s fashion, it’s hard to beat a good watch. We love watches, and know that our customers are passionate about them, too.

W2C: What is your current obsession?
FM: We are obsessed with discovering new brands all over the world. It is all too easy to walk into a mall, pick a shop and then stick with that brand for years. For us, discovering new brands unlocks new ideas and creative thinking. While we have some amazing brands we work with in the US, we love crossing the Pacific and Atlantic to find new brands around the globe.





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