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Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the creative LA-based voice behind ToBruck Ave!


“I was born in Vancouver and raised in Switzerland. I was always obsessing about something in the fashion industry-from covering my room in Roxy and Billabong ads when I was ten, to idolizing designers, models and fashion influencers in my later teens. It inspired me to have my own influence on fashion, or at least share what I was most passionate about, which is why I started ToBruck Ave.” – Kiara Schwartz


FACT: I grew up snowboarding in the Swiss Alps and, sometimes, I day dream about how cool it would have been if I was a pro snowboarder.
FACT: I wish I could go on roller coasters. I can’t because I get so nauseous, but I would love the adrenaline rush.


W2C: What did you do before ToBruck Ave?
KS: Before ToBruck Ave, I worked at a multi-line agency doing sales and marketing for five brands in Western Canada.

W2C: How did you get into blogging?
KS: I started blogging because I have a fascination with social media and how it has changed the world when it comes to fashion marketing.

W2C: If you weren’t a blogger, what do you think you would be doing, and where do you think you would be?
KS: I would be working for an online store or social media based website.

W2C: What trends are you most excited to see for Spring/Summer ’13?
KS: I am loving this spring’s sporty chic trend and, of course, I love all the festival-inspired looks in anticipation of Coachella this month.

W2C: Where is the most interesting place you have traveled to for work?
KS: The most interesting place is probably a little town called Golden in the interior of British Columbia.

W2C: What are your favorite boutiques / brands in Vancouver?
KS: My favorite boutique in Vancouver – Charlie and Lee. My favorite Vancouver-based brands – Lisbeth Jewelry and Gentle Fawn.

W2C: What are your favorite boutiques/brands in Switzerland?
KS: There is a little boutique in my hometown called Dings that I love. And a true Swiss brand that I love is Zimtstern…it’s a snowboard / lifestyle label.

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration that you have been a part of?
KS: I have a couple fun Coachella collaborations coming up, which I am really excited about. Last week, I was part of a lookbook collaboration with a boutique called Dressed and Ready and the Four Seasons Hotel.



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