[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Abner Bagdadi]


Chief Designer, CLOSERIE-10

Meet our INSIDER CLICKS feature: the incredible designer behind CLOSERIE-10!


Abner Bagdadi is the Chief Designer of Closerie-10, a leading company for the last 25 years in home décor, fashion accessories and high-end stationery. His training at the School of Fine Art in Paris, France refined his taste for harmonizing colors and shapes. In Treviso, Venice, Italy he studied art graphics. Abner lived in Barcelona for a few years, where he developed leather products for brands such as Paco Rabanne, Burberry and Carven. His Parisian publishing company released reproductions of art, stationery collections and unique gifts, and his publishing company in Los Angeles has won numerous Louis awards for high-end stationery design.

Abner has now revived his passion for leather, and is launching a new line of belts and bracelets. Each unique item is individually tinted, cut and shaped by hand.


W2C: What inspired you to become a designer?
AB: I have a true fascination for colors, shapes and natural materials; it is like an insatiable passion to create and improve each item until I achieve perfection!

W2C: What does your day to day look like as a designer?
AB: Most of my ideas pop up at night. A block note is always next to me to draw or take notes on.
What a stimulating feeling it is to transcribe my dreams into reality the next day.

W2C: What is your favorite fabric or material to work with?
AB: Leather is alive and gives objects an elegant and unique touch, and the colors integrate is texture with harmony. Paper is also a wonderful medium to use for developing beautiful products.

W2C: You spent quite some time studying design in Europe. How does fashion differ in Europe versus the United States?
AB: Beauty is universal, and women like to be elegant the same way all over the world. What is interesting is that Europeans love the US sport fashion, and the US love the European sophisticated fashion brands.

W2C: What was one of the first pieces you designed, and why do you love it?
AB: It was a collection for hair. I used wonderful fabrics such as printed silks, satin, moiré and gros grains, and made very special bows of all sorts. I use to supply the most famous hair salons of Paris, such as Les soeurs Carita and Alexandre.



[Photo Credits: Courtesy of Abner Bagdadi]

Curated by: Abner Bagdadi

“I was at a garage sale one day when something caught my eye: two pairs of old shoe molds, one pair for men’s shoes and the other for women’s. They had been cast aside on the grass to be thrown away. I could imagine that they had once been valuable tools to shape basic materials into beautiful shoes. And, yet, there they were…lifeless and discarded, destined to be forever separated and scattered. I took them home and decided to give them new life. I cleaned them up and lovingly decorated them with beautiful images and several coats of lacquer. I painted a canvas vermilion-red and covered it with verse from a favorite French poet, Paul Eluard. I used gold inks to accentuate the sentiment in the poetry. Finally, I mounted one male and one female shoe on the canvas. They shined! They were beautiful! They once again had purpose and harmony. They were back!”

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