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Founder, The Fashion Professor

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With over a decade of fashion industry experience, Dinna Soliman, alumna of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, has been a Design Director for several global brands, and has also launched her own collection. In an effort to bring awareness to the ins and out of the fashion industry, Soliman began teaching students (ranging from pre-k to college) useful life skills and industry techniques. In 2013, she launched TheFashionProfessor.com–an online source for fashion computer education. Dinna currently lives in Brooklyn, and also designs a collection under the name, DONUTS.


FACT: If I wasn’t a fashion designer I would probably be a chef or a musician. Not that I am claiming that I would be good at either of those things; I just really love food and music!!
FACT: I’m half Filipino and half Egyptian.
FACT: I’m a Seinfeld aficionado.


W2C: What was the motivation behind launching a video tutorial series for the fashion industry?
DS: I wanted to create an affordable and accessible platform for anyone trying to break in or stay relevant in the fashion industry. I think traditional means of education are changing, and that the internet has afforded people from all over the world the opportunity to learn anything they can dream of.

W2C: Who do you think will benefit most from the information you are providing?
DS: People who want to get into the industry (i.e., students at the high school or college level, people switching careers and individuals who were in the industry before computers and digital illustration became necessary).

W2C: What is the most exciting project or collaboration that you have been a part of?
DS: Definitely teaching a fashion class at the Harlem Children’s Zone for high school age students. I was able to demonstrate that working in the fashion industry is a viable career choice in New York City, and I had the opportunity to introduce design and sewing skills to kids who were interested in fashion, but didn’t think they could build a life in the industry.

W2C: What has been the most challenging aspect(s) of launching an online company?
DS: Structuring the content on the website was challenging. I strive to make the site user friendly, while still providing the course material in a clear and concise way.

W2C: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs interested in starting a digital business of their own?
DS: One word of advice would be to build a flexible platform with the ability to scale and to change so that you can adapt as you understand your user.

W2C: What has been the most rewarding aspect(s) of creating your company?
DS: Students of mine always contact me letting me know how much they have learned, and how valuable and necessary the information was in getting or keeping a job.

W2C: What does a typical day look like for you?
DS: I start the morning with website updates, creating new content, etc. If I have classes scheduled in NYC, they usually start in the afternoon or evening. Before or after classes, I am running in and out of the garment district to fabric suppliers and to factories to complete design projects for myself or for my clients.

W2C: What does the future have in store for The Fashion Professor?
DS: In the near future, I will be adding a section to the website on how to complete Techpacks in Adobe Illustrator. I cannot stress how necessary this skill is for any fashion designer or technical designer in today’s industry.



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