Demand for Digital + Tech

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24 Seven‘s recently released 2014 Salary + Job Market Report reflects that hiring is on the rise in the fashion and retail industry. Tammy Chatkin-Newman, 24 Seven’s Executive Vice President, West Coast, shared with California Apparel News that, “The talent that is highest in demand tends to be hybrid candidates that have both the traditional and digital experience. You can’t have an apparel brand today without evolving and investing into your digital talent mix.” Apparel News also caught up with 24 Seven’s West Coast Marketing & Sales Support Specialist, Alison Carreon (who is also WEAR to CLICK’s Co-Founder), who shared that, “There is no longer a separation between what used to be talked about as digital and tech being a separate skillset from fashion and apparel, but, rather, the next generation of apparel and fashion hiring includes those skills.” CLICK below now to read all about what it takes to remain a marketable professional in today’s fashion industry!