[Photo Credit: www.FashionMetric.com]

Recently, we reported that Fashion Metric released an updated version of their platform, which incorporated months of customer feedback, usability studies and brand partnerships in order to make a giant digital leap forward. “We are continuously making improvements to our platform and learning from our customers every day, and this release represents a major step forward,” says Fashion Metric’s co-founder, Daina Linton.

The brand’s founders, Daina and Morgan Linton, started Fashion Metric after identifying a major problem, namely, that men have difficulty finding clothes that fit their body type perfectly. This meant that most guys defaulted to one or two go-to brands, and abandoned the idea of brand discovery, especially online.

“We talked to hundreds of men in Los Angeles and in New York City, and found a common trend: men were having trouble finding clothes that fit them right, particularly dress shirts. We dug a little deeper and stumbled upon an extraordinary fact– approximately 90% of all clothing sales in the US take place in the traditional brick and mortar setting. In a world where the Internet has dominated most markets, clothing retail seemed, for the most part, unscathed.”

Fashion Metric then asked men, “Would you rather shop for clothes online or in retail stores?” Interestingly, the resounding answer was, “ONLINE!” Men generally don’t like shopping for clothing in stores. One of Fashion Metric’s customers described his brick and mortar shopping experience as follows: “It’s like a race,” he said with a straight face but satirical in tone; “I grab a bunch of shirts, rush to the back of the store and try them on as fast as my body can move!”

So why not shop online? It all goes back to fit – if it’s hard to find clothes that fit in a store, then it’s even harder, if not impossible, to do so online. Most online retail sites simply provide links to pop-up size charts for their garments, with confusing numbers like chest and waist circumference, sleeve length and yoke to describe how it might fit. These are numbers that most guys don’t have a clue how to interpret.

That’s where Fashion Metric comes in. Fashion Metric developed a Fit Technology that extrapolates the full compliment of body measurements, starting with a seed of information provided by the customer. This algorithmic approach is hugely beneficial, as they can use this information to pair the customer with the best fitting dress shirts. Customers and brands alike have been very excited about what Fashion Metric is doing, and how they are enabling their customers to buy clothing online with confidence. Customers can shop focusing on style, without the guess work involved in determining fit, and brands can enjoy a new approach for customers to discover them outside of the traditional brick and mortar setting. “We like to think of Fashion Metric as the brand discovery engine where fit has been taken out of the equation,” says Daina.

The technology is seeded with your favorite shirt for a very good reason. Fashion Metric spent months working with hundreds of customers, and learned that about 90% of men knew their precise size in one to three “go-to” brands. They rationalized that if almost every guy knows their size in at least one brand, it would be a lot easier to capture size by asking for that rather than asking for body measurements. “We want to make it really easy for the customer to communicate their body type to us,” says Morgan. Enter your favorite brand and size, or refine your measurements even more by answering easy questions like what is your height and weight. In the early beta, 87% of Fashion Metric customers were willing and able to answer what brand fits them best, reflecting exactly with Daina and Morgan discovered in their early research.

Fashion Metric is working hard to change the way people think about shopping online. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your father, partner or friend, Fashion Metric will ensure that you can shop knowing that all the pieces you see will fit just the way you like. CLICK now to shop for your perfect fit on Fashion Metric!