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Curated + Contributed by: Alexa Okyle

Many know that talking the talk means nothing without committing to the walk. However, few realize that clicking the click can be just as important when it comes to the world of fashion.

As the Internet progresses and cyber-life takes over, finding the right sites to explore fashion is crucial to evolving one’s sense of style. Blogs and online shopping sites guide the most fabulous fashionistas through everyday life, providing them with the unique opportunity to build a sense of style while lounging at home in PJ’s (chic PJ’s, of course).

During the four years I spent studying at Indiana University, this online world of fashion played a critical role in my life. Being limited to the small college town of Bloomington, it allowed me to venture past the few boutiques that were physically available, and into an endless cyber universe. This universe became the platform for my everyday ensembles, and proved even more crucial as I hit the town at night. With the guidance of some of my favorite blogs, I was able to narrow my wish list down to its basic necessities, which I could then fulfill through the online world of shopping.

What is the hardest part, you may ask? Where to start! I liken the process of finding the right sites to dating. You begin by testing each site out in short sessions, similar to a coffee date. If you find yourself intrigued and wanting more, you take the site out for a longer date; perhaps dinner or a movie. If you’re not interested, you dump it! The only thing worse than dating someone you’re not interested in, is browsing a site that’s simply not you. Not your style; not your scene. Move on to the next.

After I began the very dating-like process I have just described, I soon found myself with several boyfriends, and even a couple of husbands. My blog boyfriends include: Cupcakes and Cashmere, Sabo Skirt, The Sartorialist, The Man Repeller and The Glamourai. I was able to use their inspiration to assist me in building my own wardrobe. I quickly fell madly in love and married my husbands: Shopbop, Nasty Gal, ThreadSence, Revolve Clothing and Singer 22. And, in desperate times, I have occasional affairs with discount sites such as HauteLook, Gilt, Rue La La and Ideeli, who are always there for me.

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