Ali Levine's #STYLETIPS

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Ali Levine

As a fashion expert, Ali Levine is often asked about how she puts together the looks she styles, or what colors she uses, or what garments she hates! We caught up with celebrity stylist, Ali Levine, for some exclusive red carpet #STYLETIPS:

“First off, when I hit the red carpet looks, I make sure I source heavily for what I want to create for the look and for my vision. For the BET awards, I wanted Holly Robinson Peete to be chic and glamorous, and also youthful looking (in all the right ways!). This woman is turning 50, and doesn’t look a day over 30! That was the goal. I picked a soft nude color to light up her skin, some fun shoes to add an edgy effect and completed the look with a clutch…she was set!

Whenever I style, I always say it’s all in the details. I look at a client and find where I believe their ‘details’ should stand out. Everyone has different comfort zones, fashion likes and dislikes, and different people may or may not follow the trends. As a stylist, I don’t follow trends; I use them as a guide and then create my own.

For example, stacking your jewelry is currently all the rage. For Holly, I stacked her hands to add glam and to make an eye-catching statement. Stacking can be a couple of rings on top of each other, or a few next to each other. I always say confidence is your best accessory, so if you love what you’re wearing (clothing/accessories), it will show.” -Ali Levine

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