He Spoke Style

Photo Credit: www.HeSpokeStyle.com

We are constantly being asked where men can find style inspiration. With a plethora of women’s resources available, finding a go-to men’s fashion resource is a bit harder to come by. Lucky for all of us, there is He Spoke Style — our incredible August BLOG to CLICK Collaborator!

“With the widespread popularity of shows like AMC’s Mad Men and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, there has been a renewed and revitalized interest in menswear and straight up looking good. It has become okay for guys to pay attention to the details of their clothing and their grooming. However, dressing well and looking put together doesn’t (and shouldn’t) necessarily mean wearing a suit and tie every day. While there’s definitely a time and place for a well-tailored grey worsted wool suit, crisp white shirt, suitably muted tie and black cap toe oxfords, pretending to be Don Draper on a daily basis is neither practical nor appropriate. And, perhaps above all else, it’s too obvious. Ideally, a man’s style is a collection of influences synthesized and remixed into an expression that communicates something about him, what he values and who he is. While we all have our style heroes and go-to sources of inspiration, at the end of the day, a guy’s style should be extremely personal. While this may seem easy enough, it can certainly be overwhelming. That’s where [He Spoke Style] comes in.” – He Spoke Style

This incredible blog offers style inspiration, tips, advice and commentary on style questions, and is intended to be a starting point for men who are interested in developing their wardrobe or in refining their personal style. Stay tuned throughout the month of August for our favorite He Spoke Style picks, and for an exclusive and enlightening Q&A with the creator of this much-needed source of style inspiration for all of you men out there!