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Get acquainted with Carbon38: our June SHOP + CLICK collaborator! Carbon38.com is the world’s premier online fitness destination. Each week, women log on to their fabulous site to shop the latest and chicest fitness apparel and products, and to read their glossy online magazine to browse what trendsetters, celebrities and fitness professionals alike do to stay healthy and fit. Their website combines effortless shopping with cutting-edge editorial; it’s truly the ultimate fit experience!

A woman’s lifestyle has changed, but her wardrobe has yet to adapt. Carbon38 combs the market for the best, most fashion-forward, flattering, comfortable and versatile activewear pieces that can take a woman from a PTA board meeting, to a workout, to a night out. They believe that the day starts in your closet, and that if you feel powerful, sexy and comfortable in your own skin, nothing can stand in your way; you are ready to greet the day and meet its challenges. Carbon38 empowers women to lead active lives. Stay tuned throughout the month of June for an exclusive look at Carbon38!