[Photo Credit: Courtesy of StyleSaint]

This month, we will acquaint you with the unbelievably talented, Allison Beal! With eight years of experience in brand building, apparel design and manufacturing, Allison has been the creative vision behind two apparel brands and the developer of their labels. She combines an extremely unique blend of creative design, brand design and marketing with a deep knowledge of the “business of fashion” – apparel design and manufacturing. Today, Allison is the incredibly stylish Co-Founder and resident driving force behind StyleSaint, one of the coolest fashion communities in the world. Allison has been making tear sheets and style books since she was 13 years old, ripping every page she loved out of any and all magazines she could get her aspirational paws on, indulging a complete obsession and an unrelenting desire to collect the images of things that she worshipped. She found herself in those torn-up pages, falling in love with people she’d never know, things she’d never seen, and worlds she’d never visit. Now, she’s sharing that inspiration with all of us, along with the ranks of StyleSaint’s global creative collective. You will not want to miss our exclusive interview with this stylish dynamo, and we will also share her digital WEARabouts with you throughout the month of September!

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