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Are you still on Pinterest? Or, is that so yesterday? I find most of my digital fashion and style inspiration coming from Instagram these days. It’s quick, easy and on-the-go as I “ooh and awe” at the trendiest of trends. I scroll through at my own pace, and on my own time; while I’m in an elevator, in bed before sleep or waiting in line for my morning latte. It’s always there for me. But, of course, whom you choose to follow–the designers, the brands, the fashion bloggers–is a make or break.


Of course, WEAR to CLICK is at the top of my list. If you don’t already follow them, do. With creative posts, insightful industry news, the latest must-haves and to-die-for accessories, this is one regret you’ll never have. LF Stores is also a “make,” mostly because it makes me want to stroll over to Robertson and buy everything in the store, but also because their effortlessly cool styled looks inspire me to pull pieces from my very own closet and create combinations I never dreamt possible. And, for all you fashion-lover-foodies, Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily Schuman never disappoints. There’s something about her photography skills and posting abilities that just make you want to buy everything she posts. From her cupcakes to her cashmere, you’ll be inspired. Olsen’s Anonymous by Jenny Camp is a recent follow of mine, and one I’ve actually developed quite a liking for. The Olsen’s sense of style is known to be unique, and normally something only someone with the last name can actually pull off, but it’s so nice to dream about! It is certainly inspiration meets imagination.

My Other Insta Favorites:

@elizandjames (another Olsen classic)

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